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Inquiry launched examining how high streets can survive the economic and social effects of Covid-19

21 Jul 2020

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has announced a new inquiry to examine how high streets can survive the economic and social consequences of Covid-19.
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Activate Cycle Academy to start delivering the new Bicycle Mechanic Apprenticeship Standard

13 Jul 2020

Following the recent Government announcement pledging extra investment and funding for businesses hiring an apprentice, Cytech training provider Activate Cycle Academy (formerly ATG Training)... Read more…

Cytech's Training Centres plan to re-open in June

28 May 2020

After 2 months of inactivity within the Cytech workshop training facilities, training providers Activate Cycle Academy, PJCS and South Africa's Torq Zone Academy are re-opening in June following... Read more…

WANTED: Government Support for Retail Owners

6 Apr 2020

The ACT has initiated a campaign to support retail owners with a scheme comparable to theJob Retention Scheme for our employees.
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Local Bike Shop Day 2020 postponed following retailer vote

31 Mar 2020

As Local Bike Shop Day is a day encompassing the whole trade, the final judgement was given to the bike shops that had signup to take part. Out of all the respondents the overwhelming majority -... Read more…

Indie Retail to Launch New Monthly Newsletter

29 Jan 2020

On Friday 31st January Indie Retail will be launching a monthly newsletter to be sent out to subscribing independent shops.
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ATG Training launches new brand identity

29 Jan 2020

UK Cytech training provider ATG Training is to become known as Activate Cycle Academy. This name change and rebrand is the final piece of the Activate Learning group takeover which began in 2016... Read more…

Nearly half of Buy Now Pay Later customers continue to be misled

20 Jan 2020

Recent findings show that over 40 per cent of shoppers areunaware that missing payments when using a Buy Now Pay Later service could harm their credit score.
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4 tips for safe cycling at night

29 Oct 2019

Cycling in the dark does not need to be daunting and can become an enjoyable, even exhilarating, experience when efficient preparations aremade
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Whistler Adventure School, Cytech and Specialized Bicycle Components Canada to Formalise Partnership

26 Sep 2019

Whistler Adventure School is pleased to announce the enhancement of our bicycle mechanic course to incorporate the internationally recognised Cytech certification, offered through Specialized... Read more…

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WANTED: Government Support for Retail Owners

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News , Political News

The ACT has identified that the great majority of IBD owners will not be supported by the Government's current support schemes, where they have been enforced to close. This shortfall already applies to many of our Independent Retail Confederation (IRC) colleagues, from hairdressers to booksellers; all micro retailer, limited company directors and shareholders.

The ACT has initiated a campaign through the IRC and its 100,000+ strong retail network to support retail owners with a scheme comparable to the Job Retention Scheme for our employees.

The proposal highlights the dependency of the speciality retail business sector upon the ownership; the sacrifices owners make to keep the retail sector running and their personal reliance upon generating profits to provide the dividends they require to fund their businesses, pay their staff and live!

Through the Independent Retailers Confederation, the ACT are urging Government to implement a financial support programme for our members NOW!


Reader Comments (4)

So will there be any help for those of us on low income, rent to pay but no business rates? Mine are included in the rent, does that mean my landlord will pocket the grant?

David Beacham, 6 Apr 2020

Rates are charged to the occupier(s) of a building, not the landlord unless they also run a business from the building either way you should still be paying rates or have Small Business Rates Relief. I'm in a building with 2 other businesses and the 3 business here are all eligible for SBRR, so we each receive the govt. grant - the landlord doesn't have a physical business presence in the building, so doesn't get the grant. You umay want to check with your local authority although it may be too late to rectify.

Robert Wade, 7 Apr 2020

What we'd like the ACT to do is push for a 'half-furlough' scheme. We're open 50% of the time with around 50% income. With six staff we can't simply furlough three - we all have different skills and work as a team. The support we need is 40% of wages for all (half-time) staff rather than 80% for some of our employees. Please can the ACT look into this issue.

Lucy Hall, 10 Apr 2020

Hi Lucy,apologies for the delay in replying. We've noted your request and will take it forward to our peers at the Independent Retailers Confederation to see if there have been any other similar requests.

Tabitha ActSmart, 12 Apr 2020

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