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Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed around the needs of both apprentices and employers and lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

Apprenticeships benefit everyone involved, particularly in challenging economic times. Apprentices get valuable on-the-job training, employers get engaged and loyal staff and customers get professionally maintained bikes. Better yet apprenticeships can be completed while you gain experience in the work place and training costs involved with apprenticeships are heavily subsidised by the Government (if the employer doesn't pay into the apprenticeship levy).

If you are looking to get an apprenticeship or a job in the cycling industry, take a look at our jobs board here.


CytechCytech is the internationally recognised qualification for bicycle technicians. By completing an apprenticeship with out partner Activate Cycle Academy you can gain industry experience as well as Cytech qualifications.

Activate Cycle Academy

Activate Cycle Academy offer the 18 month Level 2 Bicycle mechanic Apprenticeship Standard (ST0622).

Who is it for?

The apprenticeship is for anyone (not just school leavers!) either currently working as a bicycle mechanic wanting to gain training and qualifications to increase their skills, or those looking to start their journey in becoming a fully trained and qualified bicycle mechanic.

What is included?

For more information about how apprenticeships and Cytech could benefit you, how to apply and to contact Activate Cycle Academy directly, visit the Apprenticeships page on their website.

Further information

For any further official information or anything else regarding apprenticeships you can visit the following websites: