How to care for your e-bike battery aa

How to care for your e-bike battery

The service life of your battery is influenced by the type and duration of use.

A lithium battery will age over time even if you do not use it regularly.

E-bike battery



To prolong the life of your battery:

  • Charge under dry conditions and at room temperature
  • Keep the charger in the dry and do not drop it
  • Charge the battery when it has 30-60% charge remaining (1-2 lights on the battery indicator)
  • You do not need to charge the battery after every ride, unless you expect the next ride to use the full capacity of the battery
  • Charge and use it regularly - the battery will deteriorate in a completely charged or completely discharged state


  • Store in a dry location and at room temperature
  • Cold and hot conditions will decrease the lifespan of the battery - avoid storing at temperatures below 10ºC and above 60ºC 
  • If kept indoors the battery will not need to be recharged when it hasn't been used for a while


  • Don't overload it - a battery won't last as long when it has to work harder
  • In cold weather the battery life will be shorter than in warmer weather, so be aware of this if a long ride is planned
  • For frequent travel in the cold, it is advisable to use a thermal protective covering, such as a towel wrapped around the battery
  • Lithium batteries are heavy, so handle with care and do not drop the battery
  • Keep it dry and very occasionally add a little Vaseline to the terminal on the cycle.


To dispose of a dead e-bike battery it should be returned to the dealer or taken to your local recycling depot. It is illegal to send a lithium battery via a courier/post/carrier without the correct packaging.