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Cycling is most popular mode of transport in London's rush hour

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Traffic volumes in the capital during the morning rush hour period have declined since 2007, whilst the number of cyclists counted during this period has more than doubled, making it the single largest mode of transport counted on City streets.

According to the Traffic in the City report, cycling has seen a ‘significant increase in volume over the last two decades. The rate of growth in cycling across the city between 1999 and 2012 was on average 20 percent per year.'

Despite this growth the report goes on to suggest that the City counts have reached ‘peak cycle' over the last five years, and ‘significant changes in cycling infrastructure provision and/or travel behaviour may be needed to spur further growth in cycling on City streets.'

peak hour traffic 

The Traffic in the City report provides an overview of the findings from the City of London Traffic Composition Surveys (TCS). These surveys - conducted every two years since 1999 - provide details of the number and types of vehicles using the City's streets by recording vehicular flow in 15 sites across London over a 24 hour period.

The report has also included pedestrian numbers for the first time, and goes some way to demonstrating how much more space vehicles are taking up compared to pedestrian space.

"Private vehicles - cars, taxis, and motorcycles/mopeds - utilised the most street space of any mode - over 53 per cent - while only carrying an estimated quarter of all people travelling on City streets," the report continues.
"While buses only made up two percent of all counted vehicles, they carried an estimated 19 per cent of all people travelling on City streets (compared to 21 and 19 per cent for private vehicles respectively).

"Buses and private vehicles carried approximately the same number of people in the City while making up an estimated nine and 53 per cent of total street space usage respectively."

You can read the full 2018 report here.



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