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Social Cycling Groups

A social network exclusively for cyclists, Social Cycling Groups makes it easy to get together, find a place to ride and enjoy a bike ride at a level and time that suits you.

Social Cycling Groups gives people who might otherwise be cycling alone the chance to buddy up with other cyclists and join groups and rides in their area.  It's the ideal opportunity to take control of your cycling, discover new chances to ride and make some friends along the way.

Rides are organised by cyclists across the country throughout the year.

 ‘As a bike shop Social Cycling Groups is great for us because not everyone will know about our area. Since we started using Social Cycling Groups we’ve had riders coming from as far as London to join our rides.’

Janet, owner of Quest Adventure Bike Shop 

Looking to join some rides and meet new people?

  • Create your own Social Cycling Groups profile
  • Find and 'buddy up' with other cyclists in your area
  • Chat in groups about when to go on a ride
  • Join as many rides as you like using the Ride Finder - all for free.

Want to start your own rides?

  • Start a Group and invite all your cycling buddies
  • Create your own rides from your Ride Diary
  • Plan new routes or use tried and tested ones using British Cycling Mapping.

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