The workshop aa

The workshop

This area should be given equal attention to the sales floor. Don't be misled into thinking an odd corner to prepare a bike for sale or repair will do.

Workshops can and should make a positive contribution to turnover, rather than being an under-priced service which becomes a drain on resources.   Not only can the workshop and your technical services be highly profitable, they can also help you to establish a key USP and are a great way to win customers.  Plus when the sales are slow your workshop should help to keep things ticking-over.

Setting up the workshop must be costed carefully as professional tools can be expensive whilst layout needs to be carefully considered to ensure maximum use of space. Investing in good quality tools ensures workshop jobs are done properly and efficiently, reducing damage, wastage and time. Many shops will have used tools for sale which are worth considering if they are in good condition.

If the workshop is visible to customers it will almost certainly reflect on the professionalism of the business so make sure it works for you and not against you.