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Could e-bikes be the future?

14 May 2018

BBC's Tom Edwards reports

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New survey finds safety in numbers helps protect cyclists

30 Apr 2018

Roads with more cyclists are 13% safer

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ATG doubles Cytech training space with move to Oxford

30 Apr 2018

Moving from current Aylesbury location

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Two fifths of UK children worried about air pollution

23 Apr 2018

Research released to mark start of the Big Pedal
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3rd June to be recognised as World Bicycle Day

18 Apr 2018

As announced at UN General Assembly
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One bike stolen every six minutes in UK

17 Apr 2018

100,000 bikes reported stolen last year
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Government urged to stop prioritising car journeys over active travel

12 Apr 2018

In a letter sent to the UK's Transport Ministers

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Half of Europeans never do sport, reveals survey

10 Apr 2018

Worrying trend in most EU countries

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Consumer spending slowed thanks to "Beast from the East"

10 Apr 2018

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Uber looks to roll out dockless electric bike-share globally

10 Apr 2018

After buying US bike-hire company Jump
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Could e-bikes be the future?

Posted on in Cycles News

BBC's Transport correspondent for London, Tom Edwards, reports on the futute of bike commuting in the capital.

I was panting my way up quite a steep climb on my bicycle, when suddenly a rider shot past me on what looked like a shopping bike.

Not only did this feel like a huge insult to my climbing prowess, what made it worse was the guy must have been over 65.

Catching him up took a lot of effort and as I sat on his back wheel I realised he was not actually a retired Tour de France rider but he was on an electric bike (e-Bike).

He told me that he absolutely loved it.

My brother-in-law has since bought one and absolutely destroyed me on some horrendously steep hills in Devon.

Now most cyclists you speak to dismiss e-bikes as "cheating" (I admit I have done it myself) but actually what city planners hope the bikes will do is enable and encourage a new type of cyclist.

And there are those that think e-bikes, e-scooters and e-mopeds could be the future of urban mobility.

For those who haven't tried it, what e-bikes do is give you a little bit of assistance on the flat, maxing out at 15mph.

And they absolutely sail up any kind of incline. It also means the range you can commute without exerting yourself too much lengthens considerably.

They could also be used by those with mobility issues.

And depending on which power setting you chose, you wouldn't have to arrive at the office a bit sweaty.

The UK has lagged a little behind Europe with e-bikes, where they are a common sight.

According to the manufacturers I spoke to, half of all bikes sold in Germany are now electric.

But we are catching up and the number of bikes being sold has risen to about 50,000 a year, according to e-bike manufacturer Volt - and that's expected to increase even further.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is now trying to encourage Londoners to get on e-bikes and thinks they could encourage those who never thought they would cycle get onto two wheels.

It doesn't look like we'll be seeing e-bikes as part of the bike hire scheme but the mayor is now publicising free trials and discounts at

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