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Latest #BikeIsBest film shows exciting opportunities for the industry

6 Oct 2020

Watch the latest #BikeIsBest film to see the headline figures on the campaign's reach and success.
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Activate Cycle Academy's New Cytech Training Facility Opens

7 Sep 2020

The new cycle mechanics training facility at Merrist Wood College in Guildford, managed by Cytech training provider Activate Cycle Academy (ACA), has oficially opened and courses are being... Read more…

Independent Retailers Confederation partners with ‘shopping appointment' solution to bring confidence back to shopping

18 Aug 2020

New service eliminates the need for customers to queue to get into independent shops
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Get Pumped Up to cycle and join the World's Biggest Bike Ride on 12 September

14 Aug 2020

Cycling UK have launched a new campaign- Pumped Up- to celebrate the joy of the bike across our towns, cities and countryside and reminding people about the fun and freedom that cycling... Read more…

Buy Now Pay Later providers cause concern across UK as debt rises

6 Aug 2020

Increased scrutiny is being placed upon the UK's growing use of Buy Now Pay Later services
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Inquiry launched examining how high streets can survive the economic and social effects of Covid-19

21 Jul 2020

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has announced a new inquiry to examine how high streets can survive the economic and social consequences of Covid-19.
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Activate Cycle Academy to start delivering the new Bicycle Mechanic Apprenticeship Standard

13 Jul 2020

Following the recent Government announcement pledging extra investment and funding for businesses hiring an apprentice, Cytech training provider Activate Cycle Academy (formerly ATG Training)... Read more…

Cytech's Training Centres plan to re-open in June

28 May 2020

After 2 months of inactivity within the Cytech workshop training facilities, training providers Activate Cycle Academy, PJCS and South Africa's Torq Zone Academy are re-opening in June following... Read more…

WANTED: Government Support for Retail Owners

6 Apr 2020

The ACT has initiated a campaign to support retail owners with a scheme comparable to theJob Retention Scheme for our employees.
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Local Bike Shop Day 2020 postponed following retailer vote

31 Mar 2020

As Local Bike Shop Day is a day encompassing the whole trade, the final judgement was given to the bike shops that had signup to take part. Out of all the respondents the overwhelming majority -... Read more…

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Free Whitepaper: How the retail sector can survive and thrive post-pandemic

Posted on in Business News , Cycles News , Creative News

As the retail industry once again dusts itself off in preparation for a post-pandemic world, for many there are now more questions than answers about what the future of retail will hold.

Armed with research data from Maybe*, a panel of retail industry experts have collaborated to create this whitepaper with one goal - to help businesses thrive in this new era of uncertainty.

Now is the time to create new partnerships, develop new interesting offers and above all, to "not waste a good crisis".


Download the free whitepaper: How the Retail Sector Can Survive & Thrive Post-Pandemic


Whitepaper overview . .

Working from home since the start of the first lockdown in March 2020 has forced everyone to be and think more local. That has proven to be a massive opportunity for local retailers to raise their awareness to people in their local communities and there is evidence that people have enjoyed that local connection. So, as the retail sector emerges from the pandemic, the renewed value on localism and local service is likely to endure.

But there remain other challenges and opportunities both in the way physical destinations operate - not least, the relationship between landlords and tenants; how bricks and mortar retailers deploy technology to better effect; and achieving a closer relationship and understanding between retailers and their customers. There is a need incubate new ideas and new retailers to bring them into the High Street and to help them navigate those difficult first couple of years to establish a business model that helps them to operate.

Research conducted by Maybe* highlighted that retailers that are trading most successfully through COVID, aren't really talking about COVID. Take Primark as an example. There is very little mention of the pandemic across their social channels, instead the retailer favours positive messaging. This strategy has resulted in endless queues on re-opening and an army of new, loyal customers.

Within the whitepaper, our panel of sector experts recognise that things need to change, businesses must adapt. This is the time to create new partnerships, develop new interesting offers and above all, to not waste a good crisis. Download the report now to discover how.

Get started with Maybe*

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