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To ensure the directory is as comprehensive as possible, all businesses are invited to add their basic contact details to The Cycling Experts for free. However, for the equivalent of just £3 per month why not get the most from your listing and show customers just how great your business is? 


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If you have a website, the listings can help drive more visitations; if you don't then this is a great way to get online without incurring huge costs.

The business search feeds an increasing number of other popular sites, enhancing consumer traffic to c.600,000 unique visitors per month; increasing not only visitation but also opening up your business to different types of consumers.   

The following list gives an outline of where the business search is shared.

  • British Cycling - the National Governing Body for cycling in the UK.
  • Bike Week - the official website of the UK's biggest mass participation cycling event
  • Why Cycle - a popular website for new and returning cyclists with a plain speaking, informative approach
  • Sustrans - a UK charity helping people to travel by more environmentally friendly means
  • CTC - the national cycling charity, which inspires and helps people to cycle and keep cycling
  • Bike Hub - funded by the cycle industry (Bike Hub levy) and recognised by UK Government transport departments
  • cycle.travel - city guides, community tools and a great route planner, put together with the aim of getting more people cycling more often
"As the UK's cycling governing body, British Cycling places great importance on working with the independent retail sector. The Cycling Experts bike shop search tool is massively useful to all cyclists and inclusion within our website enhances promotion to the wider cycling community." Gavin Finch, British Cycling

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