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Third of primary school children 'cannot ride a bike', survey finds

24 Jul 2018

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Third of primary school children 'cannot ride a bike', survey finds

Posted on in Cycles News

A third of primary school children have never been taught how to ride a bike, according to new research.

The Keep Britain Tidy survey interviewed a thousand parents of children aged 5-11, along with 1,000 children aged 5-11.

The research also found that almost half have never climbed a tree or played with a Frisbee.

However, almost two thirds said they were most happy when exploring outside and three quartkids on bikes photoers would like to spend more time outdoors, the environmental charity said.

Only a fifth would rather be playing on digital devices than out in the open air.

Less than 10% visit the park once a month, with parents giving a lack of time as the main reason.

On average, however, children in Britain visit outdoor spaces three times a week, with four out of five mums and dads saying they would like their children to spend more time outside.

"Parks and green spaces are an essential part of childhood," the charity's chief executive, Allison Ogden-Newton, said.

"It's great to see that, despite recent concerns about digital distractions, only 19% of children prefer playing on devices to exploring the great outdoors.

"I'm delighted that three quarters of our children actually want to spend more time outside, so I urge parents to help make that happen by frequenting their local green space."

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