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The Cycling Industry

In this section you will find out about the UK cycle trade. A steadily growing £1.3 billion market at retail value.

Encouragingly much of this growth is being fuelled by the expansion of the specialist, 'cycling experts' retailers, which, unlike most sectors within UK retail are actually increasing market share vs. the mass merchants.

In this section you can review industry jobs on The Cycling Experts Jobs Board and you can find out more about the trade and the route to opening your own bike shop in the UK.

For those that want to enter the industry the ACT is the first port of call and we can tell you a little more about what support ACT brings to those who wish to become Cycling Experts.

We recognise the leading suppliers who are committed to ACT membership and are fundamental in supporting the UK specialist sector.

Without the committment and investment of these suppliers in independent specialists, the sector would be a much poorer one for consumer choice, customer service and technical innovation.

We also recognise Bike Hub the industry fund, contributed to by specialist retailers only and whose contributions are match funded by a group of UK suppliers and distriobutors to create initiatives that help promote the development of cycling. These include our sister website Bike Hub, the innovative iPhone app and programmes such as Bike It.



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Opening a bike shop?