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About The Cycling Experts

The Cycling Experts is part of the fast growing The Experts community, where you can find information about how to best spend your sports and leisure time and the businesses which can help you to do so.

The Cycling Experts are a nationwide network of businesses that deliver a variety of products, services and skills to the UK cycling public.

Independent retailers are at the heart of the UK Cycling Community and there are over 3000 specialist retailers and workshops that make up The Cycling Experts. So whether you are looking for a new bicycle, accessories or clothing, a cycle repair, equipment upgrade or simply advice on how to get the most out of your cycling experience, you'll find one of The Cycling Experts businesses near you.

Unlike national chains, The Cycling Experts retailers are owner run and managed, with a real passion for cycling running throughout their businesses, delivering true consumer choice, service and knowledge.

Bike Business Search 

The Bike Business Search allows you to find The Cycling Experts throughout the UK who offer specific brands and services such as cycle hire, Cytech Accredited technicians, cycle to work bicycle discounts or have job opportunities in the industry.

Using the new Bikesoup cycle marketplace you can now look into a shop and see some of the bicycles for sale, whilst the Fetch Recovery Centres will help you to stay in the saddle, no matter what.

The Cycling Experts website is endorsed by The National Association of Cycle Traders, the UK's largest cycling trade organisation committed to the future of specialist retailers and cycling.

Check back regularly for new services, shops, brands and industry jobs throughout the coming year.

Happy Cycling!

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The Cycling Experts is supported by The Association of Cycle Traders

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