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Cycle insurance

Many people overlook the need for specialist cycle insurance. However, bicycle theft is a real issue with a bike being stolen in the UK almost every 20 minutes. 

For professional thieves, bicycles are relatively easy to steal and can be resold through numerous different channels all over the country. Because the majority of bike theft is the work of opportunists rather than professionals, the first stage in bike security is to put a deterrent in place; make sure your bike is securely locked whenever you leave it unattended. For more information on locks visit our bike accessories section.

The unfortunate truth is that most determined crooks equipped with the right tools can leave you without your two wheeled joy, despite it being locked up properly. Getting insurance can provide total peace of mind that even in the worst circumstances you'll be able to get back on your bike.

Why do I need insurance? 

In 2011/ 2012 there were 23,144* reported thefts, which equates to:

  • 445 thefts per week
  • 63 thefts per day
  • 3 thefts per hour
  • 1 theft every 20 minutes

...and only 1 in 4 cycle thefts is actually reported!

Make sure your bike is insured

Don't automatically assume that your home contents insurance will cover your bicycle. Many insurers will limit the amount of cover given to bikes when they are taken out of the home. If you are able to extend your contents cover then the increase in premium can often be more expensive than specialist cycle insurance.

Fetch are bike insurance specialists who already cover thousands of cyclists throughout the UK at very competitive rates.

Fetch understand what matters to you as a cyclist. Like being insured from the moment you buy your new bike with their free '7 Day Cycle Away' insurance, to being able to replace or repair your lost or damaged bike at the retailer of your choice.

The easy way to get back on your bike!

Fetch benefits

  • Free cycle away 7 day insurance on new bicycles
  • Comprehensive bicycle theft and accidental damage cover
  • Insure one or more cycles worth up to a total of £10,000.
  • New for old claims replacement at retailer of your choice
  • Free European usage cover
  • Free legal assistance
  • No claims discounts available
  • Personal accident cover
  • Public liability cover
  • Competition/Race cover
  • Family cover

Click here to get a quote or phone 0151 427 9529 to get instant cover

Click here for a great impartial guide to bike insurance.

* PIB figures 

Fetch offers competitively priced bicycle insurance packages to keep you in the saddle no matter what!